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Can you Touch the Antenna in Volleyball?

The antenna is one of the most important parts of the volleyball net. On the amateur level, sometimes players play without the antenna. But when it comes to professional volleyball, the antenna is always in existence. People who are just starting out with volleyball often don’t know if you can touch the antenna.

You can’t touch the antenna in volleyball. If you touch it with any part of your body or with the ball, the opponent wins one point.

What’s the purpose of the antenna?

The antenna is pretty important. Its role is to mark the territory i which the ball needs to get through above the net. Think of it as the lanes on the road. They indicate where you should keep driving. For the volleyball , the antenna indicates that he should keep the ball between 2 antennas.

According to “The antenna is a vertical rod that is located on the top of each end of the volleyball net. The two vertical rods are usually red and white in color and are mounted on the ends of the net, above the sidelines, and not in-play. The antennas are usually only used for indoor play and not on outdoor net.”

I hit the antenna after serving. What now?

You’re serving and all of a sudden you’re noticing that the ball has just touched the antenna. Are we playing a replay?

No, in that case, your opponent wins the point. Every contact with the antenna is illegal. No matter if it’s a ball or it’s your hand.

What if the ball hits the antenna after your block?

I’m personally watching many volleyball games and I can see really often when a spiker from team A attacks the ball, but the ball hits the block of the B team and from the block, the ball touches the antenna. What now?

Well, it’s actually pretty simple. The one who touched the ball as the last is always guilty. Some spikers intentionally aim the ball directly in the external part of the blocker’s hand so it can simply hit the antenna. It’s smart, but it takes a lot of time to learn this skill, and only the best players in the world benefit from that.

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Is it an error if I touch the antenna with my finger?

As I said, the antenna is untouchable. We already know that you shouldn’t touch the net. But I bet you didn’t know that some parts of the net are legal to be touched. You can get to know more about it in this post. The antenna is part of the net. So it’s reasonable that you shouldn’t touch it.

You can’t hide it, because the referee who is in charge of checking the antenna is standing right in front of it, a couple of feet away, so he can see it very well.

How can you avoid touching the antenna?

If you play volleyball, you should focus on not touching the antenna, because it makes it harder to win for your team. But how to be the master at not touching the antenna? Of course, even the best players still touch the antenna, but you can significantly reduce this error.

Well, it depends on your position. If you’re serving, it sometimes happens. I know from my own experience that even though the net is so wide, sometimes you hit the antenna. If you’re serving, just try to aim at the middle of the net, where you have no chance of touching the antenna.

It’s a bit harder not to touch the antenna when you’re an attacker. It can be a bit frightening when you’re attacking and all of a sudden you see the block in front of you. In this kind of situation, some attackers change direction and hit the ball straight in the antenna. If you have little experience, don’t try to take risk. Play it safe and delicately hit the ball over the block. Believe me, it works wonders. Of course, as you get better you can learn how to hit the block so the ball can bounce and hit the antenna.

You’re in the worst position when you’re the blocker. You can’t do a lot, but you can do something to at least try to prevent the spiker. Just jump to the block and lean your arms toward your opponent. He will be less likely to bounce the ball against your hands so you have a chance to win a point for your team in a great style.

Is antenna high?

Have you ever wondered how long the antenna should be? The shorter it is the better for players because there is a lower chance of touching it. But how long is it exactly?

Well, the antenna is pretty long, because it has to project 80 centimeters (32”). On the professional level, it has to measure in summary 180 centimeters.

I know, I’m not the best painter, but you get the point.

the antenna height

What’s the distance between two antennas?

As you know, there are 2 antennas on the volleyball net. Both are placed on opposite parts. What’s the exact distance between them?

The distance between the two antennas is exactly the same as the width of the volleyball court which is 9 meters (29’6″).

In conclusion

Touching the net with the ball and with your body is illegal in volleyball. A team whose player touched the ball and it hit the antenna loses one point.

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