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10 Tallest Women’s Volleyball Players (Surprising Winner)

Tallest Women's Volleyball Players

Lots of people think that Yekaterina Gamova was the tallest female volleyball player. But that’s not the case anymore and there are a couple of players way taller than her. In this ranking you will get to know who is the tallest female volleyball player in 2020.

1. Alba Hernandzez207 cm (6.79 ft)
2. Nelly Alisheva206 cm (6.76 ft)
3. Anna Kajalina205 cm (6.73 ft)
4. Magdalena Stysiak203 cm (6.66 ft)
5. Dana Rettke203 cm (6.66 ft)
6. Yulia Merkulova202 cm (6.63 ft)
7. Valentina Diouf202 cm (6.63 ft)
8. Yuan Xinyue201 cm (6.59 ft)
9. Brayelin Elizabeth Martinez201 cm (6.59 ft)
10. Daria Malygina200 cm (6.56ft)

1. Alba Hernandez

This is the tallest female volleyball player. Alba Hernandez comes from Puerto Rico, and she’s 207 cm (6.79 ft). Alba was born in 1994 and right now she’s playing for German club Rote Raben Vilsbiburg as a middle blocker. Even though there is no other such a tall player, she is only a substitute. Alba Hernandez spikes at 305 cm (10 ft) and blocks at 293 cm (9.61 ft). The difference between the tallest men’s volleyball player and women’s player is significant. If you want to know who is the tallest man in volleyball, go to this post.

2. Nelly Alisheva

Although Alisheva is already a retired volleyball player, she is still in our minds, because she was one of the tallest female volleyball players in the world. She is 206 cm (6.76 ft) and used to play as a middle blocker. Her last club was VK Proton. She started her career at MGFSO. Afterwards, she played for Dinamo-Yantar from 2003 to 2011, then Omitchka Omsk from 2011 to 2013. What’s interesting, in 2013 Nelly Alisheva received a certificate from the Guinness Book of Records declaring her the tallest woman in Russia.

3. Anna Kajalina

Anna Kajalina is 205 cm (6.73 ft) and her position is the opposite. This tall player comes from Estonia and her club is Italian Cutrofiano Volley where she is the leading player. With this club, she won Coppa Italia di Serie A2. She also helped her former clubs win trophies like French Cup and French Championship. She started her professional career in 2004, but she’s still a really important player, because of her height.

4. Magdalena Stysiak

Stysiak is a young Polish volleyball player famous for her height. She’s 203 cm (6.66 ft). She already has a couple of trophies, including a gold medal on the Volley Masters Montreux. Magdalena was chosen as the best opposite of the Junior European Championship in 2018. She debuted in professional volleyball in 2016. Hands down, she’s really talented, and she has the potential to be one of the best volleyball players in the world. Since 2019, she has played for the Italian club Savino Del Bene Scandicci. Magdalena Stysiak spikes at 324 cm (10.63 ft), which is even better than Alba Hernandez.

5. Dana Rettke

Dana Rettke is another young and tall volleyball player. She was born in 1999, and she’s 203 cm (6.66 ft). Dana is a student athlete who plays as a middle blocker for the Wisconsin Badgers women’s volleyball team at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. She has got her height after her father who is 198 cm (6.60 ft). In 2019, she joined the international team of the USA, and she won the Volleyball Nations League and qualified for the Olympic Games 2020. Rettke has won several awards, including B1G Player Of The Year.

6. Yulia Merkulova

Yulia Merkulova

Yulia Merkulova is a priceless player for her team Dinamo Krasnodar where she spent a couple of years of her career. She’s a middle blocker and her height is 202 (6.63 ft).  She was part of the Russian women’s national volleyball team at the 2006 FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship in Japan. With her clubs, she doesn’t have lots of successes, besides winning the CEV Women’s Challenge Cup in 2013.

7. Valentina Diouf

Valetina Diouf is a popular Italian opposite. According to some sources , she’s 201 cm, but most websites say she’s 202 cm (6.63 ft). Diuof is quite talented, and she has won a couple of individual awards, for example, the Best Opposite Striker of the CEV Champions League in 2015 or the MVP of the CEV cup in 2017. With her clubs, she has won the Italian Supercup and São Paulo State Championship. Now she’s playing for the Korean team Daejeon KGC.

8. Yuan Xinyue

Most of us think that Chinese are short. It’s true, but it doesn’t apply to Yuan Xinyue who is 201 cm (6. 59 ft). She’s playing as a middle blocker, and she’s the player of Bayi Volleyball. Xinyue also represents the national team of China where she’s considered as one of the key players in the team alongside her teammates Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning. With China, she won dozens of tournaments like the Asian Championship in 2015, the World Cup in 2015, and the Olympic Games in 2016. She spikes at 325 cm (10. 66 ft) and blocks at 315 cm (10.33 ft).

9. Brayelin Elizabeth Martinez

Brayelin Elizabeth Martinez

Brayelin Elizabeth Martinez is a Dominican player as tall as 201 cm (6.59 ft) spiking at an amazing 330 cm (10.8 ft). Her position is an outside hitter. Right now she’s playing for Dentil/Praia Clube. With the Dominican Republic, Martinez won a gold medal in the Pan American Games where she was the best player. She’s got a lot of potentials and can become a volleyball star because she is still pretty young and prosperous.

10. Daria Malygina

Daria Malygina

She’s a Russian female volleyball player born in 1994. She was part of the Russia women’s national volleyball team at the 2016 FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix in Thailand and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. At club level, she played for Dinamo Kazan before moving to Zarechie Odintsovo in November 2015. Daria Malygina spikes at 317 cm (10.4 ft) and blocks at 305 cm (10 ft).

How tall is the average female volleyball player?

Players from the list above are exceptions and in reality, the average female volleyball players aren’t that tall. How tall are female players on average?

In order to answer that question, we need to calculate it. I couldn’t find any reliable data online, so I decided to calculate the average height by myself.

I took 10 random female volleyball clubs and figured the average height. You can see the results below.

Galatasaray Daikin Istanbul- 182,8 cm (5.99 ft)
Impel Wroclaw- 183,3 cm (6.01 ft)
VC Wiesbaden- 180,5 cm (5.92 ft)
SF Paris Saint Cloud- 180,8 cm (5.93 ft)
VC Sneek- 181,2 cm (5.94 ft)
VK UP Olomuc- 182,5 cm (5.99 ft)
LP Salo- 180 cm (5.91 ft)
LP Kangasala- 179,4 cm (5.89 ft)
Kralovo Pole Brno- 184,6 cm  (6.06 ft)
Haifa VC- 179,2 cm (5.88 ft)

The average female volleyball player height is 181,43 cm (6.28 ft).

This data may not be 100% accurate, but you should consider that women in volleyball are typically 180-182 cm.

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