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7 Best Volleyball Movies That You’re gonna Love

Best Volleyball Movies

Let’s be honest. Movies about volleyball aren’t as popular as movies about other sports. You can easily find a movie about soccer , basketball or baseball. But finding a good movie about volleyball can be pretty hard. That’s why I decided to get into this topic and find the best movies related to volleyball that will keep you interested and can teach you something about this beautiful sport.

Volleyball fans, here’s the list of the best volleyball movies of all time.

1. The Miracle Season8/10
2. Air Bud: Spikes Back7,5/10
3. Iron ladies7,2/10
4. Side out6,2/10
5. Impact Point6/10
6. Spike Team6/10
7. All you've got 4,8/10

1. The Miracle Season

The Miracle Season

The Miracle Season is one of the best movies about volleyball. What’s interesting is that this movie is based on a true story. Caroline Found is a captain of the volleyball team Iowa City West High School. The team is unbeaten, and they are counting on another success. The expectations are pretty high. During a party at Caroline’s, she decides to secretly sneak away to visit her mother Ellyn at the hospital, where she is being treated for cancer. That night, Line herself is killed in a moped accident, leaving the entire community in mourning. No one wants to play without her. The coach of Iowa City West High School forces girls to keep playing and the new captain is Kelley Fliehler- one of the best friends of Carolina Found.

How is the team going to do? Will they beat their biggest opponents? Find it out by watching The Miracle Season on YouTube.

2. Air Bud: Spikes Back

Air Bud: Spikes Back

Welcome to Fernfield. In this town lives an amazing dog Buddy. Holidays are just starting out. The best friend of Andrea gets off to California. Andrea wants to visit her as soon as possible. But there’s one problem. She doesn’t have enough money. That’s why she decides to take care of pets, but that’s not enough. Another way of making money is by taking part in a beach volleyball tournament. She started training with a boy from a neighborhood. Buddy wants to help his owner, and he joins the team.

A great comedy by Disney that will interest anyone, not only volleyball fans. The movie also known as Air Bud 5 was directed in 2003 by Mike Southon.

3. Iron Ladies

Iron Ladies

This Thai movie is pretty surprising. The plot of this comedy is hard to believe, but it really happened. It’s a story of a group of friends who are either gays or transvestites. Mon- one of the main character and Jung aren’t able to make to a volleyball team. They are constantly overlooked by the coach, because of their appearance. After some time the local team changes the coach. Mon and Jung are somehow approved to the team, but they have a hard time making friends. Most of the players don’t want to play with them, and they leave. Because of that, 2 guys decide to look for their old transsexual friends from college to create their own volleyball team. The team consists of Wit, Pia, and Nong.

They try hard to win the Thai Championship, but are they winning? Well, you have to watch this movie to get to know it. I think you can find it on YouTube. If you like it, there is even a sequel Iron Ladies 2.

4. Side out

Side out

Side Out is a 1990 American comedy-drama sports film about beach volleyball. A law student Monroe Clark comes to California. Instead of working, he spends his day playing volleyball and picking up girls. After Monroe met “king of the beach”, he decides to take part in a beach volleyball competition. The term “side-out” refers to an obsolete rule in volleyball under which the winning point could only be scored by the serving team. The film was directed by Peter Israelson.

5. Impact Point

After Kelly Reyes and her teammate lost a match of the Association of Volleyball Professionals, certain journalist Holden Grant wants to interview Kelly. He claims that it’s more important what the losers say over what the winners say. After the interview, they both end up having dinner and spend a night together. The girl who won against Kelly’s team is murdered and the criminal flew the scene. Kelly substitutes the girl and takes part in another tournament. Kelly ends up being in danger. The murderer is around…

6. Spike Team

Spike Team

Spike Team is an Italian animated series created by Andrea Lucchetta. It revolves around a volleyball team of six girls and their coach, Lucky. Madame A, an unscrupulous businesswoman, controls Evertown, a city without green in which sport is no longer practiced. The only land yet to be conquered is the one on which stands the Spikersfield College, but, as it isn’t for sale, she attempts to kill the owner Armand Alea. The will of the man, however, states that, in order to take possession not only of the land and the school but also of the Torch of Olympia, preserved in the museum of the institute, the potential buyers must participate in a volleyball tournament, the Alea Cup. Against Madame A’s team, the Black Roses, there’s the Spike Team, formed by Jo, Victoria, Beth, Patty, Susan, and Ann Mary, coached by Lucky, a former volleyball champion.

Thanks to the tournament, the six girls not only discover their strengths and weaknesses, but also the special virtues that, represented by six gems, are able to re-ignite the Olympic flame. You can find Spike Team’s episodes on YouTube.

7. All you’ve got

All you've got

The movie “All you’ve got” was produced by MTV. It’s a story about the rivalry between the Phantoms and the Madonnas volleyball teams. When the two teams collide, it causes a big catastrophe. Gabby Espinoza is the captain of the Cathedral High Phantoms. She lost her mother and recently has also lost her father. 3 girls from the opposite team join Phantoms. In the beginning, they don’t like the rest of the team. This makes the coach furious, and he makes a speech about working together as a team. Soon after, the girls begin to warm up to one another and at the same time, winning game after game.

This sport/drama movie was directed by Neema Barnette and starring stars Ciara Harris and Adrienne Bailon. Is it worth it? To be honest, I didn’t like this movie, but you should watch it to draw your own conclusion.

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