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13 Unique Volleyball Gifts Every Volleyball Fan is Dreaming About

Your family member or your friend is going to have a birthday, and he’s a volleyball fan? I guess you don’t know what you should buy because you don’t know anything about volleyball. You’re not alone. But I like volleyball and today I will show you the 13 best volleyball gifts that volleyball fans are going to love.

1. Volleyball Sweatshirt

Price: $40

Clothes are always a great idea for a gift. The only problem is we don’t know if it’s going to fit. With sweatshirts, we have a bit more flexibility, because they don’t have to fit perfectly. On Amazon or in any other online store, you can find lots of patterns of sweatshirts with volleyball motive. Personally, I’d be content with this gift. And when I buy some sweatshirts for my friends’ birthdays, I’m always satisfied when I see them wearing this sweatshirt later on. It means this person really likes it.

2. Volleyball Socks

Price: $15

Socks with funny patterns are popular nowadays. I remember 2 years ago I got 3 pairs from my sister and I wear them up until now. They are relatively inexpensive, so you can buy a few pairs, or they can be an additional gift. A birthday person should be happy with that, and they can wear them on a daily basis or when playing volleyball. Colorful socks will focus attention more than boring black or white socks. You can get inspired on Amazon, Etsy, or on this website.

3. Volleyball hat

Price: $15

In order to find some interesting patterns, it’s best to check out Etsy. There are lots of them. I think hats are gaining popularity, so there is a good chance that a birthday person will like it. It’s a great chance for him to express what his hobby is and what he or she loves. Even If this person is not going to wear it, he’s going to expose this hat in his room. That’s what my cousin did when I bought him a hat with the logo of his favorite club. When I asked him why he’s not wearing it, he told me it’s too important for him to wear.

4. Volleyball Necklace

Price: $10

Necklace is another way to show how important volleyball is for someone. It’s the right gift for girls, but I see boys who also wear volleyball necklaces. If you’re on a budget, a combination of socks and necklace would be fine. If you want to spend more money, you can think about buying a better-made necklace that will be more durable. If someone wears a necklace constantly, it’s also a sign that this person will remember a person who gave it to him or her.

5. Graffiti Volleyball

Price: $15

If someone trains volleyball, there is a huge possibility that he has a volleyball ball. If he doesn’t, go ahead and buy some professional Mikasa or Molten ball. But if they do have a regular ball, a graffiti ball would be something unique. It looks like no other volleyball ball, you can play with it or use it as an ornament. If I treat a ball as an ornament, I always play with it in my room, and sometimes it might be dangerous for your windows or laptop.

6. Cast Away Ball

Price: $20

A ball has to be a great gift idea. On Amazon, I found an exciting stuff. A Cast Away Ball. Do you remember a scene from the movie about Robinson Crusoe where this ball was shot? Most people recognize this legendary volleyball ball, so I think it will be a surprising gift, not only for volleyball lover but also for a movie geek. It’s not real blood, so don’t be scared to play with your friends. And I wouldn’t keep this ball in the house. It’s scary, especially at night.

7. Volleyball T-Shirt

Price: $20

Let’s be honest. Everyone wears T-shirts. But most of them look boring. Why not to buy for a volleyball T-shirt with some inspiring or funny quote? It would be a great idea, but you need to be careful to choose the right size. You can find some clever patterns on Etsy. It’s also a good idea to make your own T-shirt on the website, but if you’re not into volleyball, use Etsy.

8. Volleyball Mug

Price: $18

Mug can be a great idea for someone who loves tea or coffee. When a birthday person drinks something every morning, he can look at this mug and always remember his hobby. Also, he will always remind himself about you. I have many mugs, but I use only one I got when I graduated. Maybe someone will love the mug that you bought him.

9. Volleyball Cushion

Price: $17

I think cushion can be an original gift for someone. I have never received nor gave a cushion, but if I were to get one, I’d be happy with that. There are lots of websites where you can design or buy a volleyball cushion. And you can be certain that a birthday person will always use your cushion because we all love sleeping.

10. Volleyball Case

Price: $20

I remember one day I bought a phone case for my sister and a couple of other stuff. What she liked, in particular, was a phone case with some inspirational quotes on it. I’ve seen dozens of phone cases online with crazy patterns. Almost everyone uses a phone case nowadays. All you need to know is what kind of cellphone the person has and that’s all.

11. Volleyball Book

Price: $21

This is the right gift for someone who is really into volleyball. If someone likes watching volleyball on TV, maybe you should buy him some autobiography of some famous volleyball player. If someone trains volleyball, buy him some guide on how to attack or about volleyball strategies.

12. Volleyball Bracelet

Price: $12

A good and inexpensive gifts for volleyball girls. I know girls like bracelets. Even if your friends has hundreds of them, she will not be offended if you buy her another one. Maybe it will be her favorite…

13. Volleyball Earring

Price: $10

Think about volleyball earrings. A good chance for someone to express his hobby.

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