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20 Absolutely Most Beautiful Volleyball Players (with Instagram)

Most Beautiful Volleyball Players

There are a couple of reasons why so many men watch women’s volleyball. Some of them watch it because they’re volleyball fans, some of them watch it because they like emotions, but most of them watch volleyball because of beautiful volleyball players. Some players make a volleyball match way more attractive.

Who are the most beautiful volleyball players in the world?

  • Jamie Robbins
  • Zehra Güneş
  • Klara Perić
  • Anita Sobočan
  • Maria Stenzel
  • Thea Sannes Sweder
  • Mariana Costa
  • Lotta Piesanen
  • Martyna Grajber
  • Louisa Lippmann
  • Eszter Pekárik
  • Laura Dijkema
  • Stefana Veljković
  • Monika Bociek
  • Marie-Alex Belanger
  • Elina Rodriguez
  • Amalie Jorgensen
  • Anastasiya Bezsonova
  • Yuliya Miniuk
  • Winifer Fernandez

1. Jamie Robbins

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All smiles for summer through September 🙂

A post shared by Jamie Robbins (@jamierobbins) on

Nationality: USA
Born: 19 Feburary 1998
Height: 185 cm (6.07 ft)

Jamie Robbins is one of the most beautiful volleyball players. She plays on the UCLA volleyball team. Her position is an outside hitter. Although we can’t consider her as a professional volleyball player, she is pretty popular with over 120k Instagram followers.

2. Zehra Güneş

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A post shared by Zehra Gunes (@zehragns18) on

Nationality: Turkey
Born: 7 July 1999
Height: 197 cm (6.47 ft)

Zehra Güneş is a Turkish middle blocker. Even though she’s only 20, she already plays in the Turkish National Team. Her club is Vakıfbank Istanbul. For her age, she is pretty successful, having won various team and individual awards, including a silver medal in the European Championship or the Best Middle Blocker in the Women’s Club World Championship in 2019. Her height is her huge strength. If you want to get to know the tallest women’s volleyball players, click here.

3. Klara Perić

Nationality: Croatia
Born: 30 March 1998
Height: 185 cm (6.07 ft)

Klara Perić is another young, beautiful, and talented player. Right now she plays as a setter in the Finnish club LP Vampula. Before, she had played in 4 different clubs. She also plays for the Croatian National Team. Her main qualities are a great precision in setting, and a strong character.

4. Anita Sobočan

Nationality: Slovenia
Born: 30 March 1998
Height: 177 cm (5.81 ft)

Beautiful Anita Sobočan is a Slovenian outside-spiker. Her current club is Branik Maribor in which she’s been playing for 6 years. At the age of 18, she already participated in the European Championship, but Slovenia took the last position. For a volleyball player, Anita isn’t considered tall, but she spikes at 287 cm (9.42 ft).

5. Maria Stenzel

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A post shared by Marysia Stenzel (@_mstenzel) on

Nationality: Poland
Born: 25 November 1998
Height: 167 cm (5.48 ft)

Maria is a Polish libero. She plays in the club Budowlani Lodz as well as in the National Polish Team. Her biggest successes are a gold medal in the Polish Supercup in 2018 and a silver medal in the Polish League in 2019. Beautiful Maria Stenzel has the potential to be one of the best liberos in the world.

6. Thea Sannes Sweder

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A post shared by Thea Sannes Sweder (@theasweder) on

Nationality: Norway
Born: 22 May 1998
Height: 177 cm (5.81 ft)

Another attractive college volleyball player from the University of Nevada Buy Generic Drugs Without Prescription , Las Vegas. She comes from Norway and her main position is a receiver. Thea is a fantastic player, earning many points for her team in every match.

7. Mariana Costa

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A post shared by Mariana A. Costa (@mariparaibaa) on

Nationality: Brazil
Born: 30 July 1987
Height: 181 cm (5.94 ft)

Mariana Costa is also known as Mari Paraíba is a pretty volleyball player from Brazil. She spent most of her career, playing in Brazilian teams, but now she plays for Italian Saugella Monza. She is part of the Brazil women’s national volleyball team. Mariana is quite popular on Instagram with over 165k followers. 

8. Lotta Piesanen

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Selfie kerran vuodessa 😄🙋🏼‍♀️

A post shared by Lotta Piesanen (@lottapiesanen) on

Nationality: Finland
Born: 7 December 1997
Height: 179 cm (5.87 ft)

Lotta Piesanen isn’t so popular, but without any doubt, she’s gorgeous. Although she’s only 179 cm, she’s a middle blocker, and she does really well in this position. Piesanen represents Finnish clubs for most of the time and now she’s the player of LP Viesti.

9. Martyna Grajber

Nationality: Poland
Born: 28 March 1995
Height: 180 cm (5.9 ft)

Polish volleyball players are pretty. Another one is Martyna Grajber. Her position is an outside hitter. Her biggest achievement so far is winning the Montreux Volley Masters with the National Polish Team. Martyna’s club is Budowlani Lodz.

10. Louisa Lippmann

Nationality: Germany
Born: 23 September 1994
Height: 191 cm (6.27 ft)

Louisa Lippmann is not only one of the most beautiful volleyball players in the world, but also one of the best players in the world. You can see the ranking of the best female volleyball player in this post. Lippmann is one of the most titled German players, having won the German Championship 4 times and the German Cup twice. In a couple of big tournaments, she was called the Most Valuable Player.

11. Eszter Pekárik

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A post shared by Eszter Pekárik (@eszterpekarik) on

Nationality: Hungary
Born: 8 December 1996
Height: 190 cm (6.23 ft)

Volleyball isn’t so popular in Hungary. Maybe it’s a mistake because the National Team of this country has a couple of attractive players like Eszter Pekárik. She used to play for good Hungarian clubs including Vasas Óbuda Budapest and Linamar Békéscsabai RSE.

12. Laura Dijkema

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Kunnen jullie het nog? 😅🧡 #XIV #stayhome

A post shared by Laura Dijkema (@lauradijkema) on

Nationality: Netherlands
Born: 18 February 1990
Height: 184 cm (6.04 ft)

Laura Dijkema is a well-known Dutch setter. Aside from her playing ability, she’s also a beautiful woman. Dijkema began playing volleyball in 1997 at the age of 7. In 2006 as a 16-year-old she went to play at DOK from Dwingeloo. Throughout her whole career, she has won 11 club championships and a silver medal with the National Team in the European Championship.

13. Stefana Veljković

Nationality: Serbia
Born: 9 January 1990
Height: 190 cm (6.23 ft)

Stefana Veljković is a successful Serbian player. With the National Team she won the World Championship in 2018 and the European Championship in 2017 and 2019. Also, she has many club and individual awards. She’s the partner of the Serbian men’s volleyball player Srecko Lisinac.

14. Monika Bociek

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W domku najlepiej 🥰 #resttime 🥴

A post shared by Monika Gałkowska (@monikaabociek) on

Nationality: Poland
Born: 6 April 1996
Height: 188 cm (6.17 ft)

It’s the third Polish player in this ranking. Hands down, she’s pretty and gifted. Monika plays as an outside hitter LTS Legionovia Legionowo. Her brother is also a volleyball player who used to play for the National Polish Team.

15. Marie-Alex Belanger

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Rock n’ roll sweetheart 🤘🏼

A post shared by MAX (@mariealexblg) on

Nationality: Canada
Born: 13 April 1993
Height: 186 cm (6.1 ft)

Marie-Alex Belanger is a Canadian opposite spiker. She was part of the Canada women’s national volleyball team, and participated in the 2017 FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix, and 2018 FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship.

16. Elina Rodriguez

Nationality: Argentina
Born: 11 February 1997
Height: 189 cm (6.2 ft)

Born in 1997, the outside hitter has experience in the World Grand Prix, the VNLand South American Games. She jumped to the top team in 2016 showing a very good level, something that pushed her to be part of the team in the last World Championship. She was part of the Brazilian Superliga with Hinode Barueri, and Italian Conegliano where she became Champion of the National League and silver medal of the Champions League.

17. Amalie Jorgensen

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Hygge hver dag☕️

A post shared by Amalie Jørgensen (@amaliejorgensen_) on

Nationality: Denmark
Born: 7 April 2000
Height: 186 cm (6.1 ft)

Amalie Jorgensen is one of the youngest girls in the ranking of the most beautiful volleyball players. She comes from Denmark and plays in a college team Middle Tennessee University. As a freshman, Amalie played in all 30 matches. She ranks 10th in the overall program single season records for blocks per set with an average 1.26.

18. Anastasiya Bezsonova

Nationality: Azerbaijan
Born: 21 December 1999
Height: 189 cm (6.2 ft)

Anastasiya Bezsonova is a beautiful outside hitter from Azerbaijan. She is a former player of Rabita Baku, OK Nova KBM Bran. Now she plays in CSM Volei Alba-Blaj. Anastasiya has great skills, and she can accomplish more if she works hard enough.

19. Yuliya Miniuk

Nationality: Belarus
Born: 23 May 2000
Height: 189 cm (6.2 ft)

Although she’s young, she has already lots of experience. Her former clubs are Pribuzhie Brest and Banca Valsabbina Millenium Brescia. She’s still waiting for some exceptional success.

20. Winifer Fernandez

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#TBT 💙

A post shared by Winifer Fernández🏐 (@winifernandez) on

Nationality: Dominican Republic
Born: 6 January 1995
Height: 169 cm (5.54 ft)

Fernandez is one of the best liberos in the world. She has dozens of individual awards, but little of team successes. She became well known after a video and later some photos of her playing and training, and personal photos of her some of them fake went viral in July 2016.

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