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10 Best Men’s Volleyball Teams in 2020 (Clubs)

10 Best Men's Volleyball Teams in 2020 (Clubs)

Volleyball is like most other sports. There are national teams and clubs. Today, we’re going to take a look at the best volleyball clubs in 2020. We will get to know which club is the best considering their players, domestic league results, and tournaments won over the last few years. Remember, it’s not an official ranking, but my personal assessment according to statistics.

So, what are the best volleyball clubs?

1. Zenit KazanRussia
2. Lube CivitanovaItaly
3. Sada CruzeiroBrazil
4. Trentino VolleyItaly
5. Sir Safety PerugiaItaly
6. Modena VolleyItaly
7. Zaksa Kedzierzyn-KozlePoland
8. Skra BelchatowPoland
9. Berling Recycling VolleyGermany
10. Arkas IzmirTurkey

1. Zenit Kazan (Russia)

Zenit Kazan is a relatively new club. It was founded in 2000. Since the beginning, this Russian club has performed extraordinarily well and after 3 years, it was promoted to the Russian Superliga. Since 2003 they won the Superliga 10 times and won multiple Russian Supercups. But in order to say how strong Zenit is, we should consider their international appearances. The team from Kazan was dominating in the CEV Champions League in seasons 2014-2018 when they won a gold medal 4 times in a row. Moreover, since 2010 their worst performance in the Champions League has been the 4th place. They also did well in the Club World Championship. They won in 2017 and won a bronze medal in 2019. For me, it’s the best volleyball club in 2020, because they have great Russian stars in their team, and they seem to be prepared for every tournament.

2. Lube Civitanova (Italy)

This Italian team in the past had a couple of different names, but the one that I recognize the most is Lube Banca Marche Macerata. Over the last few years, they have made huge progress. Since 2010 the end up on the podium of the Italian Serie A almost every season. Hands down, they are one of the best teams now, because they are doing well in such a difficult Italian League. Also, when it comes to the Champions League, they are extremely strong. They won a gold medal in 2018/19 and in the last 4 seasons, they were on the podium all the time. In 2019 Cucine Lube Civitanova won a very prestigious Club World Championship. In their team they have fantastic players like Osmany Juantorena who is the leader of this team. He was also in the ranking of the best volleyball players of 2020. You can find here.

3. Sada Cruzeiro (Brazil)

Sada Cruzeiro is the only non-European team in this ranking. They are so good, that they could be as well in the first place, but their Brazilian League performance isn’t that even compared to Lube Civitanova or Zenit Kazan. But it doesn’t mean they are weak. They won the Brazilian league 5 times in a row! That’s impressive, but in the season 2018/19 they were barely third. Because they are from South America, they can’t participate in the Champions League. Instead, they take part in the South American Championship. They are winning it recently all the time, but the level of this tournament isn’t as high as the Champions League. Sada Cruziero plays in the World Club Championship, but since 2016 they weren’t able to win. It’s a great club with amazing Brazilian players that has the potential to be the best in the world, and some experts even claim it’s already the best volleyball team.

4. Trentino Volley (Italy)

Trentino Volley has been great since I remember. Every season they employ well-known players like Jenia Grebennikov, Uroš Kovačević, or Ricardo Lucarelli. Every volleyball fan should know these names. They help Trentino win some championships. In 2018 Trentino won the Club World Championship, most of the time they are at the top of the Champions League, and they are strong in the Italian Serie A where they are at the podium almost every season. Some people say they don’t shine like they used to, but they are still powerful and in 2020 they must be among the best volleyball teams. They were able to overcome a crisis after the season of 2013 and everyone is afraid of Trentino Volley again.

5. Sir Safety Perugia (Italy)

Perugia is another team that we can associate with solidity. Apparently, they want to win every championship in the next few years because they hired the best of the best. Wilfredo León, Aleksandar Atanasijević, and Dragan Travica. These are only some of their players. And their coach is Vital Heynen who won the World Championship in 2018 with Poland. Sir Safety Perugia is known for their great Champions League performances and most of the time they are in the best places. They didn’t succeed in the World Cup Championship, but I’m sure they will in the nearest future. And of course, they are at the top when it comes to Serie A. What’s interesting is that they participate in the Serie A from the season 2012/13, so their history in the highest Italian league isn’t so long.

6. Modena Volley (Italy)

Modena Volley is an Italian club with long traditions.  It has played in the highest level of the Italian Volleyball League without interruption since 1968. It is the most successful Italian club, having won the national league twelve times and the national cup as well. The club is one of the most prominent and prestigious in Europe too, having won thirteen European trophies including four CEV Champions League. For the last time, Modena didn’t have any exceptional success (besides Serie A triumph in 2016), but it’s a team that represents a good game anytime they play. There are lots of potential because Modena has famous players like Ivan Zaystev and Tine Urnaut. I like the way this club is built, and they are still serious when it comes to any volleyball tournament. If you want to learn the most interesting volleyball facts like how much volleyball players make, read this post.

7. Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle (Poland)

Zaksa is a Polish club with a long history. The team is built mostly around Polish players with a few foreigners, including Benjamin Toniutii and David Smith. This combination makes Zaksa a solid team. Over the last years, the team from Kedzierzyn-Kozle won 2 medals in the Champions League and recently won 3 times the Polish PlusLiga- one of the best volleyball leagues in the world. Zaksa also regularly wins Polish Cups and Supercups. They have fantastic supporters and the only thing they need is some international victory. I think they need to hire better players, but for such a team from such a small city, being among the best volleyball clubs is something incredible.

8. Skra Belchatow (Poland)

If you’re a volleyball fan, I bet you hear about Skra Belchatow from time to time. Not without a reason, because this Polish team takes part in the most important volleyball championships. I remember Skra was unmatched in the seasons 2004-2011. During this time, the team from Belchatow won the Polish League 7 times in a row! Overall they won the PlusLiga 9 times, making it the most titled Polish club. Skra Belchatow often takes part in the Champions League finals, but they have never won. They also won 2 silver and 1 bronze medal in the Club World Championships. Even though Belchatow is considered a town, Skra is a pretty rich club, because of its wealthy sponsors who can afford to hire players like Milad Ebadipur or Taylor Sanders.

9. Berlin Recycling Volleys (Germany)

This club from Berlin was founded in 1902 making it the oldest club in this ranking. Throughout this time they won dozens of trophies, but the most important ones have been won recently. In 2015 and 2017 they find themselves in the semi-final of the Champions League. They seem to have no opponents in German Bundesliga where they won 4 last seasons. The team doesn’t have any significant star, but it doesn’t interrupt them from winning the German Cup and the German Supercup. How would I describe Berlin Recycling Volleys? The team with a huge potential that can win with anyone if they focus and do their best.

10. Arkas Izmir (Turkey)

There can be lots of teams in this place. I was considering Asseco Resovia Rzeszow, Halkbank Ankara, Bielogorje Bielgorod, Vôlei Taubaté, and a couple of others. Eventually, I have chosen Arkas Izmir. Most of the team are Turk, and they don’t have leading players. Even though Arkas is a great club that wins the Turkish League and beat the best teams in European Championships. Part of their success is for sure their supporters, but I think they are simply a good team with a great coach. For a club with such a short history, they are doing really well.

Another teams worth mentioning

If 10 teams are not enough, I have prepared another 7 teams that deserved to be mentioned among the best volleyball teams.

Asseco Resovia Rzeszow (Poland)- In the last 10 years, Resovia won Polish League 3 times. In 2015, they were in the 2nd place in the Champions League. Their main players were Kawika Shoji, Russell Holmes, and Fabian Drzyzga.

Vôlei Taubaté (Brazil)– Almost the whole team consists of Brazilian players including Visotto, Lucarelli, Lucas, and Fonteles. A very powerful team that in 2019 won the Brazilian Superleague and has a lot of potential to win the World Club Championship.

Lokomotiv Novosibirsk (Russia)- The team from Siberia seems to be pretty strong. In the last season, they beat Zenit Kazan and won the Russian League. In 2013 Lokomotiv won the Champions League. This team is going to get stronger…

Halkbank Ankara (Turkey)- Halkbank for years is near the top of the Turkish League. They even have some success in the Champions League (silver medal in 2014). You can’t ignore this team.

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