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37 Unique Pro Volleyball Players’ Quotes to Motivate You

Motivational quotes will not make you a better player…but they can set your mind to achieve incredible things. I spent a couple of hours searching for the best volleyball players’ quotes, so you can motivate and get inspired. Here you are!

1. When I reach a goal, I immediately set another one- it gives me motivation to play and live in the best form. ~ Wifredo Leon

2. There are no perfect people who play flawlessly. You have to work all the time. ~ Pawel Zagumny

3. There is no recipe for success. Only hard work, but you also need a lot of luck. It helps a lot in sport. ~Pawel Zagumny

4. Volleyball is such a mean sport. It gives the first results of hard work after many years. That is why, despite many failures, it is worth clenching your teeth and giving the maximum, because it will pay off one day. ~Zbigniew Bartman

5. Make your dreams come true through hard work. ~Zbigniew Bartman

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6. Our philosophy is simple – always fight until the end. ~Lukasz Zygadlo

7. I was raised to always fight to the end and never give up. ~Michal Kubiak

8. I keep developing and learning new things. You know , you can’t play every game the same way. You have to implement new ideas, new games … new everything. ~Matthew Anderson

9. Practice like it’s competition and compete like it’s another day on the practice court. ~Karch Kiraly

10. Playing against better competition makes you better and more focused, so you can do what you have to, to win. ~Karch Kiraly

11. I just think about what I am doing on my side of the net, which requires focus. Even after all the years, I’ve been playing, I still get butterflies before each match. ~Karch Kiraly

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12. My lifetime motto is to learn as long as I live. ~Giba

13. In volleyball there are many reasons for errors but not a single excuse. ~John Kessel

14. When you cleanse yourself of a big victory, you may open yourself up to the opportunity for an even bigger victory ~Mike Krzyzewski

15. Being 5′ 10, I was supposed to be too short to play college volleyball. So that gave me the hunger and the fire to say, Oh yeah? I’d just hit the crap out of the ball. ~Summer Altice

16. I’m not the most physical person, not the tallest, not the skinniest. You can’t listen to anybody. Just know your dreams. Know how hard you can work. Work hard, have fun doing it, and you can really make it places that you really never thought you would. Dedication, passion and heart gets you where you want to be. ~Lindsey Berg

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17. It’s the most important to teach the young players to enjoy the game, to play with the passion. ~Vladimir Grbic

18. Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself. ~Lloy Ball

19. Solidarity is the basis in volleyball. ~Daniel Castellani

20. You don’t play volleyball alone. It’s not athletics when you fight with yourself to achieve the best result in what you do. ~Rafael Redwitz

21. If a man marries volleyball, then children or women go down into the background. I know it shouldn’t be like that, but it was with me. I divorced three women and no volleyball. ~Andrzej Niemczyk

22. I couldn’t live without a volleyball. ~Pawel Woicki

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23. The biggest mistake people make is that if they want to change, they want to do it with minimal steps and keep their old habits. ~Vital Heynen

24. Only gold medal matters, because only then will they remember you.~Hubert Wagner

25. Be a leader. A setter should be high energy. It’s important that you learn how to give positive, constructive criticism. It’s crucial that you make your teammates feel comfortable. You should never be the most silent player in the gym. ~Lindsey Berg

26. Belief in victory as a source of success.~Hubert Wagner

27. I believe that as long as you want to do it, and your heart is willing to put forth the effort, anything is possible. A lot of people told me I would never be a good volleyball player or high jumper because I never specialized. But I always knew that I could, believed I could, so I didn’t listen to what they said. I just followed my heart and did it.” ~Tayyiba Haneef

28. Volleyball is a fantastic way of life. It is a beautiful adventure that gives a lot of joy. ~Lukasz Kadziewicz

29. Volleyball is my profession but also a joy of life. If I’m sad, I don’t smile, but as I play volleyball, I feel good again. ~Guillaume Samica

30. If you feel like a bird on the pitch, feel how great it is to fly, and fly as high as possible for your dreams. ~Arkadiusz Golas

31. Ambition pushes me forward and motivates me to train more. ~Zbigniew Bartman

32. You have to learn every day. You can’t be playing every day, but you can be practicing. If you cannot be practicing with a net and others daily, you still can be learning about the game by reading, watching and imaging. You must learn every day, if you want to be a real volleyball player. ~ John Kessel

33. There is no such thing as a perfect volleyball player. Everyone makes mistakes. We know that you have to strive for perfection, although you will never achieve it. Only in pursuit of perfection can we take a significant step forward. ~Zbigniew Bartman

34. On the court, why should I give up someone because he has such a name and not another? I have no obstacles, I have no barriers. I want to win with everyone, like any athlete.~Michal Kubiak

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35. Volleyball is one of the most interactive games going. It is a game of intuition, imagination, improvisation – but most of all, of reciprocity – of teamwork. There is no way to free-lance in volleyball.  ~Marv Dunphy

36. This is the beauty of volleyball. You can’t break down when you lose. You can’t stop playing when you’re up. ~Wojciech Drzyzga

37. If someone in the team has problems, the other teammates have to make up for his bad day. It is part of every team sport, not just volleyball. ~Matey Kaziyski

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