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8 Volleyball Equipment You Need to Have to Play

Volleyball is a sport that doesn’t include lots of equipment. In reality, if you want to play volleyball just for entertainment, you don’t need to have any equipment besides the net and the ball. If you want to play more professionally, there are a couple of things you need to own.

What’s the volleyball equipment?

  • Ball
  • Net
  • Knee Pads
  • The Proper Shoes
  • Ankle Braces
  • Sportswear
  • Tapes
  • Sleeves
  • Gloves
  • Rebounder

Let’s talk more about it and tell which part of your equipment is necessary and which is just helpful.

Ball (Necessary)

A ball is something that volleyball can’t exist without. Does it really matter what kind of ball you play? If you’re an amateur, it doesn’t make a difference. You will probably not see a huge difference. On a more advanced level, it matters more. Most of the professional volleyball leagues use Mikasa ball. You can see which professional volleyball league is the best here. A Molten ball is also quite popular and the Italian Volleyball League use it on a daily basis. In my opinion, Mikasa is the best, because it’s made out of soft material and is very comfortable. The Molten ball is a bit harder. Maybe it’s just my own preference, but you should play with Mikasa. There are also less-known brands like Wilson or Tachikara.

Net (Necessary)

If you’re on a beach or you just play with your friends for fun, you don’t even have to have a net. You need it when you are more serious about volleyball. Usually, when you play in the gym, you will be likely to find some net in the equipment room. If you play volleyball in the background, you should buy one. It doesn’t need to be super expensive, but you shouldn’t buy the cheapest one. When I bought my first net, it lasted only 1.5 years, because it was too fragile for my type of game. The prices of the nets start from $25. And set the net as high as it’s comfortable for you. You don’t have to set it on official height. You can read more about net touch errors in this post.

Knee Pads (Important)

This part of the equipment is popular among professional volleyball players, but it’s not necessary. Some players just don’t use it. If you play outside or beach volleyball, it is also useless. But I’d advise it to all beginners(and also advanced) who play indoor volleyball. It’s a good way to avoid barked knees and have more flexibility when it comes to saving the ball. I personally use it, because in the past, I used to play volleyball and I didn’t feel my barked knees until the next day. And it’s not the best feeling. Knee pads aren’t expensive, but they will save you lots of unpleasant pain.

The Proper Shoes (Important)

You can play volleyball in regular shoes. But if you play once in the professional volleyball shoes, you will notice a huge difference and it will give you some advantage. The proper shoes are bigger but lighter. They contain a gum rubber sole to provide maximum traction. They also protect your ankles, provide top support, and help to prevent sprains. Good shoes for volleyball should have thick front padding and be made of leather. The brands I recommend are Under Armour, Asics, Nike, and Adidas or Mizuno. You should spend at least $50 on good volleyball shoes.

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Ankle Braces (Important)

Ankle braces is a must-have for tall volleyball players. If you want to see the tallest players in the world, click here. It helps to prevent some serious injuries like a sprained ankle. Taller players over 200 cm (6.56 ft) are more likely to get injured. That’s why they widely use ankle braces. But it’s also a good option for less experienced players. Most of them don’t know how to properly land, so it’s important to wear ankle braces. It stabilizes the foot but doesn’t restrict your movement. You can find good ankle braces on Amazon.

Sportswear (Necessary)

It’s so obvious that I shouldn’t even mention that. Jerseys are essential in professional volleyball when you play in a team. If you play for fun, it’s not that important. I mean, you need to have some sportswear, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same color as the others. In volleyball, it’s easy to spot your teammate on the court, so you don’t have to wear the same jersey. It only applies if you play in the club. And if you’re a libero, you should wear something different from your teammates. More about libero position and why he can’t be a captain here.

Tapes (Important)

When watching a volleyball game on TV or live, it’s easy to spot something on players’ fingers. These are the tapes. Why are they for? The tapes are worn by volleyball players because they offer more strength. When players hit the ball, it can be intense on the fingers and without tapes , players are more exposed to injuries. Players often tape 2 fingers together when they recover from the injury and add even more strength.

Sleeves (Important)

Arm sleeves are becoming more popular. They have the same function as knee pads. Sleeves are worn on the arm and their main task is to prevent friction burns, especially during the last-ditch effort. It also supports the elbow and offers impact protection. Some players use arm sleeves to keep their muscles warm. Especially if they’re on the bench. In other words, arm sleeves are a great way of preventing arm injuries. The price of a sleeve should be around $15.

Gloves (Helpful)

Some players, especially setters use volleyball gloves. They help them keep the right hand position when setting the ball. They don’t use it during a game, but it’s quite popular in the training, especially in amateur teams.

Rebounder (Helpful)

It’s for people who play volleyball on their own. It helps practice volleyball tosses and arm swing technique. The elastic cord guides the ball back after every swing, no need to pick up the ball. Resistance Band helps practice proper passing technique. The elastic band prevents excessive upward arm movements.

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